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dbm CNC cutting is a multi-function metal and wood fabrication shop with emphasis on CNC Plasma cutting as well as CNC wood carving, to be used in conjunction with other computer-aided machines to fabricate wood and metal signage as well as a multi-level of custom machined parts and components. Altogether, the shop will focus on metal and wood designs; however, it will have the capability to produce a wide array of custom metal components from automotive, building, gun barrels and receivers, gates, doors, cabinets, art, and other custom parts required for any specialized metal or wood needs.



dbm CNC cutting & Metal Fabrication is a custom metal fabrication facility with the latest in advanced computer-aided machinery which specializes in high-end custom CNC metal and wood fabrication at a low-end cost. We are a locally owned and operated facility with minimal operating cost due to a structured sustainable environment, which allows us to be very competitive with other similar fabrication shops, offering our clients the best prices possible. Even more, dbm CNC Cutting has partnered with a local Architectural Firm to work hand-in-hand with clients on a wide array of Residential and Commercial Architectural Needs, to include Interior and Exterior Signage, Railings, Gates, Custom Panels, Cabinets, Wood Doors, and so much more!

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